Integrative Psychotherapy in GTA & Ontario

Healing takes courage.
You don’t have to do it alone!

Therapy is about exploring, unearthing, reflecting and trusting. It can be hard to reflect, unpack and process on our own. We work better when we feel connected and safe. And sometimes, we simply don’t have the capacity or bandwidth, to look at the truth, or feel our feelings alone.

Hi! I'm Sudha.

I’m an Ontario-based therapist who provides virtual therapy for adults dealing with anxiety, depression ,grief, chronic pain, trauma and relationship challenges. I’m a Registered Social Worker with a predoctoral degree in Psychiatric Social work. I have 15+ years of global experience in 5 countries (Canada, USA, England, Switzerland and India) helping clients deal with mental, emotional and physical challenges.

At the core of my approach to therapy is a belief that YOU matter.
Your NEEDS matter!

I'm a therapist that likes to:

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Why Work With Me?​

Adult-Focused Practice

I specialize in providing therapy for adults (18+) dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain, trauma, self esteem and relationship challenges.

Extensive Experience

I have 15+ years of experience in 5 countries, having served over 1000 clients - helping deal with mental, emotional and physical challenges.


Dedication and excellent training are necessary for psychotherapy to be effective. I work from a model primarily informed by evidence based approaches.

Multilingual Support

I speak and can offer my therapeutic services in 5 different languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

Search for Understanding

My therapeutic process seeks to understand who you are, who you want to be, and how we can tap into your inner wisdom to enact the change you desire.


I have presented at various local, provincial and International conferences on the evidence based approaches I have developed.

Focus Areas

I provide virtual therapy services for a wide range of clients that are looking for guidance with a variety of different issues. You can learn more about some of my main focus areas below!

trauma therapy gta

Trauma Therapy

Recovering from trauma requires intentional effort, compassion coupled with professional support to allow you to understand the roots of the struggles and issues weighing you down. I can work with you to learn to let go of the grip the traumatic events may still have on you, your body, and mind.


The journey to mental health and wellbeing is personal. The right therapist for you is the one with whom you feel comfortable and understood. Inclusive therapy is a holistic approach to mental health care. Let’s make it simpler and safer for you to bring all parts of your intersectional identities to our work together!

diversity therapy gta
grief & loss therapy gta


Grief and loss can be unbearable and can bring up a range of different emotions. It’s common to feel isolated and disconnected from the people around you. Therapy doesn’t eliminate the pain, but it can help you learn how to manage the waves of grief or feelings of loss in a way that will allow you to keep moving forward.

LIFE TRANSITIONS & Relationship Challenges

Life transitions can mean a lot of new changes comprising of challenges, stress, upheavals, periods of personal growth and transformation. Therapy can help provide you with insight, perspective and coping strategies, helping to gain a better understanding of both yourself and your relationships.

Zen Balancing Pebbles Next to a Misty Lake
anxiety therapy


Anxiety can be felt and seen in a number of ways. Anxiety and perfectionism often coexist. Therapy can help not only relieve anxiety symptoms and help manage the pressure to be perfect – it can also truly change a person – allowing one to feel a greater sense of self-esteem and experience more enriching relationships and authentic happiness.

What Clients Say

“My experience with Sudha has been nothing but positive. She is such a kind, thoughtful, intuitive person. She has helped me navigate the various issues I was having and gave me tools that I can use and carry with me wherever I go. I felt safe in her company, able to finally say things that I had never said before and able to acknowledge and own my truths. Every time we had a session, I was able to walk away and feel empowered.”

“After sessions with Sudha, I am feeling so much better and have so much gratitude for her supportive words and manner. What I gained in perspective from my discussions with Sudha will help me adjust/change/grow the things that need attention in my marriage and my person. For the first time in a while, I am feeling renewed sense of optimism, and I owe it to Sudha and her work!”